Ms. Manuel is more than a yoga instructor she is holistic wellness coach! Through my personal encounters with her she not only helps get you in shape physically but rather focuses on healthy lifestyle habits that contribute to your mind, body, and soul. Her encouragement of natural living has had significant impact on my life in more ways than one. I've learned the important health implications and cultural significance of having chemical free natural hair, ways to cure everyday ailments such as headaches, upset stomach, and even common cold symptoms through learning how to interpret what your body needs and curing the symptoms with "clean eating" and/or an exercise regimen. More importantly I've learned the true secret to happiness in life which is finding peace within self. Through meditation and introspection I've learned how to heal my mind and soul. If you're looking for someone who can hold your hand every step of the way on your journey to complete wholeness, look no further!

Sheridyn P.,

Atlanta, GA

Working with Coach Shamika was a phenomenal experience.  It all started as 2 parents of these little girls cheerleading for football.  It was about 2003 when we met and our girls were about 4 and 5 years old.  Having to step up and become coach was not planned, then me wanting to help became team mom also was not planned but we formed a forever bond amongst each other and our girls.  Her diligence and her experience had shown my daughter great cheer skills and techniques she was able to use beyond her cheering days.  I am thankful to Coach Shamika for giving young girls not only cheering techniques but she is also a positive role model, mentor and she instills values.  I’m so excited that she is getting this opportunity to start her own business doing what she loves.

Shannon W.
Atlanta, GA